Tuesday, June 9, 2015

SNAG 2015

This year the SNAG conference was held in Boston, Massachusetts. It was my third conference and my most enjoyed so far. Perhaps this was because this was the first conference I've attended as a professional in the field instead of as a student, or maybe it was because I had the opportunity to meet so many people and see so many wonderful things. I thought I'd share a just few highlights with you.

In Conversation: High-Tech at Haystack with Neil Gershenfeld and Stuart Kestenbaum. This conversation made an impact on me despite that I am not drawn to using technology in my work (I just prefer to physically alter materials instead of digitally). This idea - using technology to aid in creating something that an artist may not have been able to create before. It changed my view on using technology; how I could still physically create all the work by hand, but use technology in some way as an aid in contrast to using the technology to solely create the work. For example, create a mold for blowing glass into. This was not a miracle thought - I just never thought of it in that way and I became really excited about the possibilities of it. 

    Adorned Spaces was an opportunity to set up small exhibition spaces in the conference building. There were many great shows. I really enjoyed Co:Operation Garnish, This is a Brooch, and OCHO, by Equinox Jewelry Gallery. It was fantastic that attendees could walk down a hall and see several exhibitions without leaving the conference building.

    OCHO, Equinox Jewelry Gallery

    Co:Operation Garnish

    It was great to finally visit the Society of Arts and Crafts. Laura Jaklitsch  was featured and her work is awesome! Alchimia: An Anthology was an excellent exhibition and was featured in their gallery upstairs.
    Laura's work!

    The Trunk Show was fun. Thanks everyone who supported me and/or stopped by to talk to me about my work!

    Table shot - my most minimal display yet.

    There was so much to see and do. It's really awesome to see the community at large, as well as see old friends and make new ones. I'm looking forward to the smaller conference in Asheville next year.

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