Thursday, October 22, 2015


In the last year I've changed the way I work pretty dramatically and didn't really realize it until I was recently interviewed by a student. I used to sketch everything out in very exact detail and more recently I just make forms and work from there. Sometimes I sketch silhouettes or I'll sketch a piece if it has many parts and may require some problem solving, but in general I just go with it and let the piece come to life as I work on it. (Side note: I still do a lot of life sketching for my imagery - that hasn't changed). That's pretty cool! It's neat that my process is evolving over time.

That being said, I had this whole idea sketched out and then once I made my enamels, completely changed the direction and am very happy with my results. It sparked a new direction for me to work in, at least of a couple pieces.

This is the piece that changed (professional photos, coming soon). I'm happy with it. It feels much more dainty than I normally work. I'm excited about the idea of multiples and have a few additional pieces that came from this...

Multiples brooch, which will feature a lot of hollow forms, old school gold leafing (new for me), and bezel set enamels. I'm really looking forward to finishing this!

Here's a process shot- I've fused enamel to the back of the pieces 1 to 2 times in the kiln at 1500 F and fused 1 to 2 layers of white to the front... now it's time to draw and paint all my imagery! 

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