Wednesday, September 28, 2016


This past summer I had the opportunity to visit my friend in Juneau, Alaska! What an amazing experience. After having a handful of shows very close together, it was really nice to have a break, catch up with my friend, and spend time in nature. The forests were beautiful - I finally saw a bear (eating salmon!), salmon swimming up stream, and eagles! Plus my very cool temperatures (yay! after a summer of 100 degree shows)!

I also learned about the area and the people who live there - the culture, the art. The gold mining, which I actually didn't realize took place there and the various forms of gold mining.

It was truly inspiring. I hope I have the opportunity to go back some day.

Mendenhall Glacier

full view at Mendenhall Glacier

hiking in the mountains

an entrance to a closed down gold mine

more hiking!

and more hiking

Herbert the Glacier

do you see the eagle!? 

from the Shrine

Botanical Gardens

Dahlias at the Botanical Gardens

The Shrine viewed from the Botanical Gardens

more Dahlias!

an area where people could pan for gold

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